How to Travel in Style: Our Expert Tips 0 505

Follow these tips to travel in style. Mauris lobortis, quam ut hendrerit pellentesque, velit urna gravida justo, ac imperdiet ipsum est. Fusce id sodales metus, a pulvinar nibh. Curabitur eu mi felis.

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Photo by Katy Harvill

Fusce gravida turpis eu scelerisque placerat. Sed ac metus massa. Praesent nec felis varius, tristique risus quis, sollicitudin nisl. Mauris sem nunc, placerat eget sapien at, consectetur tempus massa.

Dare to dream big

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Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Nulla ac hendrerit nulla. Vivamus facilisis, orci a rutrum faucibus, erat ipsum vehicula ipsum, faucibus finibus lectus ante nec orci. Fusce pharetra lobortis felis nec eleifend. Curabitur et nibh sem. Praesent consectetur tincidunt libero vel lacinia.

Perfect opportunity

Suspendisse magna urna, faucibus euismod bibendum et, efficitur at ante. Integer consequat, quam in pulvinar ullamcorper, leo quam consequat turpis, non laoreet augue lacus vel nisl. Donec scelerisque eget mauris sed malesuada. Ut et nibh mollis, pulvinar arcu vel, elementum nunc. Nam dapibus mollis metus, at vulputate quam pellentesque id. Phasellus viverra sem pharetra purus pretium sagittis.

To find a peace of mind listen to your heart.

Quisque venenatis dignissim fermentum. Praesent convallis felis a tellus consectetur, ac mattis elit sodales. Fusce non diam lorem.

Once in a lifetime

Etiam elementum elit nunc, nec interdum lectus maximus id. Proin pulvinar urna in luctus ornare. Pellentesque sagittis lacus quis bibendum pretium. Nunc sagittis eros at dolor finibus, a accumsan ante hendrerit.

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Aenean eu facilisis tortor. Suspendisse potenti. Proin suscipit felis risus, nec tristique justo gravida quis. Aliquam erat volutpat. Fusce id sodales metus, a pulvinar nibh. Curabitur eu mi felis.

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A drunkard’s guide to drinking 0 209

Who are we kidding? We all love a good, good drink. In the midst of balancing jobs, family, money and making sure our lives look rocking on social, we millennial believe Friday night parties are our birthright. An while we may belittle everything from relationships to maintenance of work-life balance, we do not belittle the importance of a superb drink at a superb party.

So here is the millennial drunkard’s guide to drinking:


Working from home is awesome only if you do it right

Vodka is lethal — there I said it! And this is coming from someone who once foolishly (and too quickly) downed four doubles, barfed below the table where we were eating (a little) and drinking (a lot), and then was sorta comatose till the next morning. Personally, I can handle vodka only in cocktails (how amazing is an LIIT) and just the thought of vodka shots creates a faux-burning sensation in my throat and chest (memories!).


Working from home is awesome only if you do it right

This lovely alcohol, fermented from grain mash and long associated with upper class gentry of yore, is a thing of beauty. Wether you have it with on the rocks, with water or soda, or mix it with just the right amount of cola (JD and Coke anyone!), it is bound to result in an ethereal drink. Fun fact – India consumes as much whiskey as the rest of the world put together!

Alcohol percentage: 40-68 percent ABV
Cocktails: Whiskey Sour, Old Fashioned, Manhattan


Working from home is awesome only if you do it right

Beer is bae. For you, for me, for everyone. Its cheap, it goes supremely with anything that you are eating, its good for the kidneys and only one of these phrases may or may not be true! Whether its our tried and tested Kingfisher Ultra or a more dry Asahi or some freshly microbrewer goodness, there has been quite the boom in the Indian beer industry in the past ten years and we are not complaining.

Alcohol percentage: 4-8 percent ABV
Super Indian beers: Bira, King’s beer
Beer cocktails (yes they exist) courtesy BBCfood (link)


Working from home is awesome only if you do it right

I honestly believe this simple, usually uncomplicated drink doesn’t get as much applause as it should. At least in India it doesn’t. Some gin, some tonic water and a touch of lime cordial – zingy, simple and just fun! Fun fact – Gin doesn’t have that ‘drinking smell’: you know the one we try to mask and moms have a special sensor for. So it is a win-win drink

Alcohol percentage: 36-50 percent ABV
Cocktails: Gimlet, South Side


Working from home is awesome only if you do it right

Rum rum rum rum rum, o Whiskey! If you have known heartbreak, you have known Old Monk; if you have known supreme happiness that had to be shared with ALL your friends, you have known Old Monk; if you are a broke millennial, you have known Old Monk! The solution to all of life’s problems, rum is a brilliant drink that lends itself supremely to cocktails. Also, while we all owe allegiance to standard dark rum, try out white rum too – it will surprise you.

Alcohol percentage: 36-50 percent ABV
Cocktails: Pina Colada, Perfect Storm, Daiquiri